June 29 – July 1, 2022



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Wednesday - June 29th

14.00-14.45  Registration
14.45-15.00  Welcome and Opening
15.00-15.45  Giovanni Maria Pavan - Politecnico di Torino
 Innate Dynamics, Molecular Communication Networks & Emergent Bioinspired Properties
 in Complex Supramolecular Systems
15.45-16.15  Carlotta Pieroni - Università di Pisa
 Quantum and quantum-classical studies of photo-induced ultrafast processes
16.15-16.30  Giulia Bononi - Università di Pisa
 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of benzylpiperidine-based reversible MAGL inhibitors
16.30-17.00  Coffee break
17.00-17.45  Matthew Fuchter - Imperial College London
 Chiral polymers for chiral light emission in optoelectronic devices: a curiosity led journey of discovery
17.45-18.15  Eduarda Sangiogo Gil - Università di Pisa
 Surface hopping dynamics with exciton models in a semiempirical framework
18.15-18.30  Rosarita D'Orsi - Università di Pisa
 Lignin: a bio-based dielectric polymer for organic field-effect transistors


Thursday - June 30th

9.00-9.45  Sophie Guillaume - Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences (ISCR)
 Stereoregular to Sequence Controlled Poly(Hydroxyalkanoate)s (PHAs): A Matter of β-Lactone
 Substituent and Catalyst Tuning
9.45-10.15  Simona Braccini - Università di Pisa
 Polymeric scaffolds for 3D in vitro tumour modelling
10.15-10.30  Damiano Cirri - Università di Pisa
 Oxygen introduction on phosphor-gold linear complexes as an effective way to enhance thioredoxin
 reductase inhibition in cancer cells
10.30-11.00  Coffee break
11.00-11.45  Aoife Morrin - Dublin City University
 Harnessing the Scent of Disease for Wearable Biodiagnostics
11.45-12.15  Alessandra Recchimurzo - Università di Pisa
 Chiral analysis by NMR spectroscopy
12.15-12.30  Marco Carlotti - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
 How I turned my kitchen in a lab during the pandemic and its (non-)icy outcomes
14.30-15.00  Alberto Gobbo - Università di Pisa
 Adding diversity to the ruthenium-tris(pyrazolyl)methane scaffold:
 new complexes for biological and catalytic applications
15.00-15.45  Mauro Ravera - Università del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro"
 Is there any future for platinum-based anticancer drugs?
15.45-16.15  Cosimo Micheletti - Università di Pisa
 Mechanochromic polymers based on aggregachromic fluorophores
16.15-16.45  Coffee break
16.45-17.15  Francesca Binacchi - Università di Pisa
 Beyond platinum compounds: studies on the potential cytotoxic activity of new coinage metal complexes
17.15-17.30  Matyas Ripszam - Università di Pisa
 A novel method for the analysis of sweat volatiles using evaporative dynamic headspace
 and comprehensive GCxGC high resolution MS
17.30-19.00  Poster session + happy hour


Friday - July 1st 

9.15-10.00  Dominik Kubicki - University of Warwick
 New approaches to determining the atomic-level structure of advanced materials
10.00-10.30  Elena Pulidori - Università di Pisa
 Gelatin/waste keratin-based biomaterials: keratin green extraction, manufacturing,
 protein structure investigation, mechanical performance, and cell proliferation
10.30-11.00  Coffee break
11.00-11.45  Federico Bella - Politecnico Torino
 Energy electrochemistry: conversion, storage and integration strategies
 for a self-powered society
11.45-12.00  Francesca Nardelli - Università di Pisa
 Influence of Sulfur-Curing Conditions on the Dynamics and Crosslinking of Rubber Networks:
 A Time-Domain NMR Study
 12.00-12.10  Closing

  Invited Speakers
  Keynote lectures by PhD students
  Short Oral Communications

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June 29 – July 1, 2022 - Pisa

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