03 | 05 July , 2024 - DCCI|UNIPI

CFF 2023 - International Conference
June 28/30, 2023 - DcciUnipi - Pisa

Organized by
Università di Pisa
Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Doctoral School in Chemistry and Material Science

Sponsored By
Cromology Italia
LS Analytica
Ineos Inovyn

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Chemistry for the Future (CFF) is a yearly international conference on the frontiers of Chemical Research. It is organized by the Doctoral School in Chemistry and Materials Science (DSCM) and the International Office of the Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale (DCCI).
CFF2023 will host 7 Plenary Lectures delivered by outstanding scientists from all over the world. Keynote Lectures will be delivered by 3rd year PhD students, enrolled in DSCM. The Best Plenary Lecture will be selected by the PhD students of DSCM and the author will be invited to hold a short course in the next academic year.

Plenary Lecturers
Stefano CORNI (Università di Padova) – Manipulating photochemistry by light-molecule strong coupling
Peter VANDENABEELE (University of Ghent) – Mobile Raman Spectroscopy: an ideal tool for the investigation of cultural heritage
Jess WADE (Imperial College London) - Chiral functional materials as a platform for emerging technologies
Alain DUFRESNE (Grenoble Institute of Technology) – Polysaccharide nanomaterials and potential applications
Claudia BONFIO (University of Strasbourg) - Shaping early life: primitive cells, primitive membranes
Enzo ALESSIO (Università degli Studi di Trieste) – What did we learn from 50 years of medicinal inorganic chemistry?
Patricia BENITO MARTIN (Università di Bologna) – Electrocatalytic conversion of biomass-derived compounds over 3D catalysts

Keynote lectures
Tommaso NOTTOLI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Cholesky decomposition technique for the computation of energy and properties at a correlated level of theory
Giacomo SALVADORI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Development of multiscale approaches for photochemical processes in complex environments
Tommaso NACCI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Multianalytical approach for the life cycle assessment of biodegradable commercial products
Elena EREMEEVA (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Molybdenum-Indium oxide based chemoresistive sensor for a selective ammonia sensing
Andrea TADDEUCCI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Electronic Circular Dichroism Imaging of Chiral π-conjugated Materials in Thin Film
Oliver George WILLIS (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - The Beauty of Invisible Light: Exploring Near-Infrared Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Edoardo CIGNONI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Machine Learning Exciton Hamiltonians in Light-Harvesting Complexes
Alessio LENZI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Mass spectrometry-based assay for the determination of natriuretic peptides in biological samples
Asia BOTTO (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Precision Proteomics of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
Noemi LANDI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Solid-State NMR methods for the study of Lead Halide Perovskites
Thantip ROONGCHAROEN (35° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Catalysts design by predictive Modelling of Aqueous Phase Reforming of Liquid Renewable Feedstocks
Giada SILVI (INEOS Inovyn) – Failure investigation on polymer materials: metallographic laboratory approach
Ester GIORGI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Gold-based cytotoxic complexes for targeted anticancer treatments
Carlo MAROTTA (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - New Pt(IV) anticancer prodrugs: synthesis, studies and encapsulation in PLGA-PEG nanoparticles
Sara TADDEI, Daniel TONCELLI (INEOS) - Experimental activities and assets of the INEOS Olefins and Polymers research and development pilot plant FEX
Andrea ROGGI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Polymeric anion exchange membranes for green hydrogen production
Gianni PECORINI (36° cycle DSCM, Università di Pisa) - Biotechnological Polymers for Advanced Technologies and Applications

Poster List
P1. A. ARCIDIACONO, D. ACCOMASSO, L. CUPELLINI, B. MENNUCCI - “The photochemical mechanism of the activation of Orange Carotenoid Protein”
P2. D. ARMANI, O. PICCOLO, A. PETRI - “Development of different immobilzed KRED samples for the biocatalyzed reduction of BTAP to (S)-BTPE in a flow system”
P3. L. BARLUCCHI, G. BIALE, J. LA NASA, M. MATTONAI, S. PEZZINI, V. CASTELVETRO, A. CORTI, F. MODUGNO - “Multianalytical characterization of bio-microplastic after accelerated aging in artificial seawater”
P4. M. BAZI, L. LABELLA, S. SAMARITANI - “Mononuclear Rare-Earth metallo-ligands for the synthesis of Pt/RE heterometallic complexes”
P5. M. BENEDETTINI, F. PETRI, M. LESSI, A. OPERAMOLLA, V. CASTELVETRO - “Surface modification of cellulose: new methods to achieve hydrophobic and oleophobic paper”
P6. S. BENETTI, L. BIANCALANA, M. BORTOLUZZI, F. MARCHETTI, G. PAMPALONI, S. ZACCHINI - “Fe-coordinated Functionalized Ferrabenzenes from Diiron Precursors”
P7. G. BERTAZZO, D. BIAGINI, S. GHIMENTI, A. LENZI, N. R. PUGLIESE, S. ARMENIA, S. TADDEI, S. MASI, F. DI FRANCESCO, T. LOMONACO - “Oxylipin monitoring in dried blood spot samples of Heart Failure patients”
P8. I. BERTELLI, M. MATTONAI, J. LA NASA, E. RIBECHINI - “UV-accelerated aging tests of beeswax found as additive in multi-component archaeological adhesives”
P9. B. BERTINI, D. LICURSI, L. ARDEMANI, N. SCOTTI, N. DI FIDIO, S. FULIGNATI, A. M. RASPOLLI GALLETTI, C. ANTONETTI - “Sustainable synthesis of biomass-derived sulfonated hydrochars and pyrochars for the production of 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural”
P10. G. BIALE, J. LYKKEMARK, M. MATTONAI, A. VIANELLO, F. MODUGNO, J. VOLLERTSEN - “Evaluation of matrix interference in the analysis of microplastics in sediments by means of Py-GC-MS”
P11. L. BONALDI, S. FULIGNATI, F. BARSOTTI, N. DI FIDIO, C. ANTONETTI, D. LICURSI, C. LARDICCI, E. BALESTRI, A. M. RASPOLLI GALLETTI - “Integrated valorization of marine residue Posidonia Oceanica balls for the production of value added chemicals”
P12. S. BRACCINI, A. I. GONÇALVES, D. PUPPI, M. E. GOMES - “Collagen-Grafted 3D Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Scaffolds for Tendon Tissue Engineering”
P13. B. CAMPANELLA, C. TROUKI, T. GRANDE, A. VORNOLI, L. POZZO, E. BRAMANTI - “FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis in tandem with chemometric tools for the characterization of Cecal Content of Mice: Effects of High Fat Diet and Beer”
P14. C. CAMPI, S. PIZZIMENTI, I. BONADUCE, D. TAMBURINI - “Method development for the full derivatisation of catechols in Asian lacquers using Py(HMDS)-GC/MS coupled with Online Micro Reaction Sampler”
P15. C. CAMPINOTI, F. BELLINA, L. DI BARI, M. LESSI, F. SARDELLI, F. ZINNA - “Attractive chiral azole-based chromophores for optoelectronic applications”
P16. L. CARMASSI, G. KASMIARTI, L. FAMLONGA, N. DI FIDIO, D. LICURSI, S. FULIGNATI, G. CIANCALEONI, C. ANTONETTI, A. M. RASPOLLI GALLETTI - “Innovative biorefinery process for the fractionation and conversion of giant reed to carotenoids and triglycerides”
P17. A. G. CAROTA, A. BONINI, F. VIVALDI, N. POMA, A. TAVANTI, F. DI FRANCESCO - “Electrochemical biosensor based on CRISPR/Cas technology for the detection of waterborne pathogens”
P18. G. CAROTI, O. RANQUET, S. PIZZIMENTI, L. BERNAZZANI, E. CANTISANI, N. WILLENBACHER, C. DUCE, I. BONADUCE - “Curing of ultramarine blue oil paints: the effect of different characteristics of the pigment”
P19. M. A. CARPENTIERI, V. DOMENICI - “A didactic sequence about Uv-vis Spectroscopy inspired by the historical evolution of spectroscopic instruments”
P20. V. CECCHERINI, E. GIORGI, D. CIRRI, C. GABBIANI, A. PRATESI - “Synthesis, chemical characterization and biological evaluation of new hydrophilic gold(I) and silver(I) N-heterocyclic carbenes as potential anticancer agents”
P21. M. CEI, R. D’ORSI, S. VIGNOLINI, A. OPERAMOLLA, F. ZINNA - “Cellulose nanocrystals based-materials for circularly polarized luminescence”
P22. A. CERCHIAI, E. EREMEEVA, F. VIVALDI, A. GÜNTNER, F. DI FRANCESCO - “Highly sensitive chemoresistive sensors based on Cu/Pd-doped CeO2 for hydrogen detection at room temperature”
P23. A. CESARO, A. BONINI, N. POMA, F. VIVALDI, T. BIVER, F. DI FRANCESCO - “DNA technologies for new CRISPR/Cas12-based biosensing platforms”
P24. F. CORDELLA, G. ALONCI, C. TAILLEFUMIER, S. FAURE, G. PESCITELLI, G. ANGELICI - “(S)-(-)-Indoline-2-carboxylic acid: a reactivity study for the synthesis of oligomers with new secondary structures”
P25. M. D’AURIA, E. GUAZZELLI, C. MICHELETTI, E. MARTINELLI, A. PUCCI - “Multifunctional thermoresponsive fluorinated polymer networks for self-healing and high durability Luminescent Solar Concentrators”
P26. M. DE CRISTOFARO, A. LENZI, D. BIAGINI, S. GHIMENTI, F. DI FRANCESCO, T. LOMONACO - “Optimization of pre-treatment conditions for natriuretic peptides quantification in plasma specimens”
P27. E. DE GREGORIO, N. CALISI, L. TEDESCHI, N. POMA, F. VIVALDI, T. LOMONACO, P. SALVO - “2D nanomaterials for biological applications”
P28. E. DELLA LATTA, S. BORSACCHI, F. MARTINI, A. GABBANI, A. MOHAN, F. SCATTAREGGIA MARCHESE DI GIOVANNI, F. PINEIDER, M. GEPPI - “Structure and free carrier parameters in ITO Nanocrystals probed by Solid State NMR and optical spectroscopy”
P29. R. DUCOLI, I. BONADUCE, G. CAROTI, M. CEI, C. DUCE, S. PIZZIMENTI, F. ZINNA - “Europium labeling of proteins in Quattrocento’s paint replicas”
P30. S. FARNOCCHIA, F. DE ANGELIS, S. GHIMENTI, D. BIAGINI, N. R. PUGLIESE, S. ARMENIA, S. TADDEI, S. MASI, F. DI FRANCESCO, T. LOMONACO - “Characterization of exhaled breath in heart failure patients”
P31. A. FERRETTI, E. HUNT, I. DEGANO - “Revealing the composition of modern inks: optimisation of a LC-DAD-MS2 method suitable for acid dyes analysis”
P32. D. FRASSI, G. GRANUCCI - “Photoisomerization dynamics of spiropyrans”
P33. J. GAMBETTA VIANNA, T. NACCI, F. DE FALCO, R. THOMPSON, F. MODUGNO, I. DEGANO - “Degradation processes and leaching of wet wipes by means of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques”
P34. L. GARCIA, S. BRACCINI, C. PENICHE, D. PUPPI - “Ionically crosslinked carboxymethyl chitosan scaffolds by additive manufacturing”
P35. A. GIANNACCINI, F. NARDELLA, J. LA NASA, M. MATTONAI, G. PACE, A. CAMILLI, E. RIBECHINI - “Development and optimization of an analytical procedure for the characterization of organic residues from archaeological potsherds”
P36. I. GIANNI’, J. GREINER, T. NOTTOLI, G. GAUSS, J. J. ERIKSEN, F. LIPPARINI - “Combining CASSCF with MBE-FCI to treat large active spaces”
P37. A. GIOVANELLI, F. MARTINI, A. PUCCI, M. GEPPI - “Structural Properties, Dynamics and Phase Separation of a Benchmark Anion Exchange Membrane”
P38. F. GRECO, A. PUCCI, V. MUSETTI, M. EMDIN, L. A. MCDONNELL - “Protein deposit typing in cardiac amyloidosis by S-trap-based microproteomics workflow”
P39. E. GUAZZELLI, E. MARTINELLI - “The making of transparent wood from fir wood and its woodworking waste material”
P40. E. PERSIANI, I. GISONE, E. CECCHERINI, A. CECCHETTINI, A. CORTI, D. BIAGINI, S. GHIMENTI, F. DI FRANCESCO, V. CASTELVETRO, F. VOZZI, T. LOMONACO - “Virgin and photodegraded microplastics impact the inflammatory response of vascular muscle cells”
P41. R. LORE’, C. ANTONETTI, D. PUPPI, A. M. RASPOLLI GALLETTI - “New poly(lactic acid)/paper mill sludge bio-composite: preparation and characterization”
P42. A. MANNELLI, A. GABBANI, S. BRACCINI, G. PECORINI, A. DI FIORE, F. PINEIDER, S. K. SAMAL, D. PUPPI - “Additive Manufacturing of Bioactive Chitosan Scaffolds Loaded with Functionalized Magnetite Nanoparticles”
P43. V. MATTEUCCI, A. PUCCI, C. CARDELLI - “Controlled thermolysis of recycled polymer materials in bitumen for application in "warm asphalt" and with high RAP content”
P44. P. MAZZEO, S. HASHEM, F. LIPPARINI, L. CUPELLINI, B. MENNUCCI - “Unraveling the Photoactivation of a Blue-Light Using Flavin Photoreceptor through Excited-State SCF Dynamics”
P45. N. NDIMURWANKO, I. BONADUCE, A. BOTTO, F. FINAMORE, F. GRECO, L. A. MCDONNELL - “Cell-Surface Proteomics of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells and Exosomes”
P46. F. NERLI, E. DELLA LATTA, L. BIZZARRO, A. GIOVANELLI, F. ZIZZI, V. GUIOTTO, V. CROCELLA’, F. NARDELLI, L. CALUCCI, M. LESSI, M. TADDEI - “Development of new fluorinated Cerium based Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with MIL-140A topology as solid adsorbents for biogas upgrading”
P47. F. PETRI, O. G. WILLIS, D. DE ROSA, A. MANDOLI, F. ZINNA, R. PAL, L. DI BARI - “Double the Fun: Exploring Two-Photon Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Chiral Eu Complexes”
P48. S. PEZZINI, F. PETRI, G. BIALE, J. LA NASA, A. CORTI, F. MODUGNO, V. CASTELVETRO - “Mapping Microplastics Pollution in European Coastal and Deep Sea Sediments through the PISA Procedure”
P49. M. PUGLIESI, C. SORGI, C. D’ANGELO, M. BELLINI, T. X. NGUYEN, E. PITZALIS, C. EVANGELISTI - “Cobalt-Copper Bimetallic Catalysts by Urea Precipitation approach for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis”
P50. S. REALE, P. SIMONE, F. VIVALDI, M. RIPSZAM, T. BRUDERER, A. LENZI, S. GHIMENTI, D. BIAGINI, T. LOMONACO, F. DI FRANCESCO - “Comparison of thin film microextraction devices to sample human skin volatilome”
P51. E. ROSADONI, M. LESSI, P. RONCHI, F. BELLINA - “Direct C-2 alkylation of imidazole derivatives through decarboxylative coupling”
P52. P. SARACENO, G. CERULLO, L. CUPELLINI, B. MENNUCCI, S. SARDAR, C. D’ANDREA, F. CAMARGO, V. SLAMA - “Modeling energy-transfer processes in the light-harvesting complex CP29: first principles simulation of transient absorption spectroscopy”
P53. L. SEMBRANTI, A. VOLPE, A. CESARO, F. VIVALDI, N. POMA, E. MARTINELLI, F. DI FRANCESCO - “A potentiometric pH sensor for monitoring chronic wounds”
P54. L. SPAGNUOLO, R. D’ORSI, A. DUFRESNE, D. BENEVENTI, L. MICHELI, A. OPERAMOLLA - “Holistic enzymatic approach to antibacterial cellulose nanocrystals”
P55. F. SPIAGGIA, F. AIELLO, F. BALZANO, G. UCCELLO BARRETTA - “Exploiting Self-Association Phenomena to determine enantiomeric composition without chiral auxiliaries: NMR Spectroscopy investigations and implications”
P56. S. STAMPATORI, A. CINCI, B. RICCIO, S. ZACCHINI, F. MARCHETTI, G. PAMPALONI, L. BIANCALANA - “New Reactivity Pathways in Ruthenium(II) η6-Arene Complexes”
P57. C. TROUKI, G. BARCARO, S. MONTI - “Anti-Cancer Warfare: A New Hope. ReaxFF MDs Disclose the Stages of Biohybrid Nano Weapons Preparation, Structure, Dynamics, and Final Action”
P58. S. VOLANTE, D. LICURSI, F. VIVALDI, N. DI FIDIO, S. FULIGNATI, G. LUTZEMBERGER, F. DI FRANCESCO, A. M. RASPOLLI GALLETTI, C. ANTONETTI - “Energy storage devices: graphite/LiFePO4 batteries and supercapacitors”
P59. A. VOLPE, F. VIVALDI, B. MELAI, F. DI FRANCESCO - “Mitigation of Copper corrosion with N-Heterocyclic Carbenes”
P60. Z. YOUSEFNIAYEJAHROMI, A. BONINI, N. POMA, L. SEMBRANTI, F. VIVALDI, A. TAVANTI, F. DI FRANCESCO - “Development of an aptasensor for the detection of Escherichia coli”


CFF 2024
Chemistry For the Future International Conference - 3|5 July, 2024, Pisa   cff24unipi@gmail.com
Organized By Doctoral School in Chemistry and Material Science & Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
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